Explorers challenge themselves and work towards badges, which are sewn onto uniform shirts. 

There are three different kinds of badges: activity badges, staged badges and awards.

You can look through the activity and staged badges by clicking here.

Sections of many of these badges can be completed at home, so collect evidence of your work and show it to a leader.

You can read about the top awards by clicking here.

These are the highest awards you can achieve in Scouts. The Chief Scout Awards and Young Leader Scheme can be completed during your time at Explorers and the Queen's Scout Award and Explorer Belt can be completed up until you leave Network at age 25. 

Hill Walker badge.png
Lifesaver Activity badge.png
Explorer Uniform Diagram

Here's a diagram from The Scouts UK website which shows where badges should be sewn onto your uniform shirt. Sewing is a much safer way of attaching your badges than badge glue, as the glue degrades and badges can fall off and get lost.

Check out this video below which gives lots of advice on how to sew on your badges! 

Street Sports badge.png
NAturalist badge.png
community impact staged badge.png
musician staged badge.png

Click the badges to go to the info page!

Creative Badge.png
Global Issue badge.png
Science and technology badge.jpg
MEdia Relations and Marketing Badge.png
digital citizen staged badge.png
emergency aid staged badge.png